What is data usage and how can I check my data usage?

Data (or bandwidth) usage is the amount of content transferred to and from your computer through your cable modem. Usage consumption is not strictly correlated with the amount of time spent online. Although time spent surfing, streaming, downloading, uploading, etc. is a factor; the type of application used is an even more significant contributor to consumption. Different online activities require different usage amounts. For example, downloading a movie will use more of your usage allowance than sending a text email message, because the movie contains a lot more data than the email message. Video and high resolution photos typically drive the highest amounts of usage. Conversely, web surfing and email (without large attachments) consume less usage.

You can check your data usage using the Data Usage Tool available at cableamerica.openvault.us/um/. To access the Data Usage Tool you will need your CableAmerica account number and your zip code.