How is my internet data usage measured?

We measure usage in gigabytes. A gigabyte, or “gig” is one of the standard units to quantify data transferred between your network and the Internet. It is represented by the symbol GB and consists of roughly 1 billion bytes. Like other providers, we calculate your monthly usage based on the number of gigabytes used.

A gig is 1,024 times larger than a Megabyte (MB). With 1 gigabyte you could, on average, do any one of the following:

  • Download 100,000 emails
  • View 200 3-minute videos
  • Watch five 45-minute TV shows
  • Stream over 30 hours of radio
  • Stream nearly 2 hours of standard-definition TV

With a 250 GB data plan, here’s an example of what you can do in a given month:

  • Watch 35 2-hour HD movies
  • Watch 80 30-minute standard-definition TV shows
  • Watch 400 3-minute videos
  • Surf the web for 400 hours
  • Listen to 9,000 4-minute songs